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“When discussing my plans for my future, I mentioned that I had taken the GRE and the GMAT and was interested in pursuing a Master's Degree. The interviewer asked: "So is getting a Master's degree the…”

“When is a time you hard a difficult customer, and how did you handle them?”

Sales Advisor at H&M

Feb 28, 2011

“What do you hope to achieve with the company?”

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“Why H&M? What has your past work experience done to make you a good team player/ good fit for H&M? What is commercializing? Do you know what I.P.P is?”

“"An upset customer approaches you at the window about an issue they are having with their account. how do you handle it?"”

“higest goal achieved.”

“A customer says "Let me think about it"”

Sales Advisor at H&M

Feb 7, 2013

“What I would do in the event of a "bad customer experience" A) As a Sales Adviser. B)As a department manager.”

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