Sales Analyst Interview Questions

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“"Company A with a market cap of $25B announces a $5B stock buy-back program. How would the CDS on Company A react?"”

“What is R squared? (Statistics)”

“What decision do you regret in your career?”

“I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I give you $1. If I roll a 2, I give you $2, and so on. Make me a market on this game, and explain why.”

“So, are you eager to start working again?!”

“Explain a time you used data analysis”

“what is the square root of 4000?”

“explain VLOOKUP in excel”

“When I pressed further on the commissions attached to the position, which was not listed on the online application, she was a bit abrupt interrupting me that this was listed. The position that I…”

“If you saw data in Excel that was in the form of "FirstName LastName (Description)", how would you break that so that "FirstName LastName" was in one cell and "(Description)" was in another.”

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