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“Nothing was too difficult really. Even though my resume stated several times throughout it that I made 85-150 outbound calls daily @ a prior job. I was asked repeatedly if I made outbound, or took…”

“I don't recall the specifics, but it was a question about have you ever found yourself in a specific situation, and how did you solve the problem. I answered a very similar situation, and the main…”

“What are some equities - by industry, mutual funds, and ETFs that you would buy right now?”

“Nothing at all, very basic and straight forward”

“General questions about how experience and skills are relevant to the role.
A couple of basic and intermediate Excel and Salesforce tests.
Questions on career goals and culture fit.”

“Most all questions are behavioral based. Make certain to be able to speak to many different situations from your work's past.”

“Walk me through your resume.
Why S&T?
What do you know about t and z charts”

“Standard questions. Why do you want to work for Bullhorn? "Give me an example of a time when . . ? " "Where do you see yourself in 5 years."”

“How do you determine the rate you would charge a company when performing a repo? (Kept pushing for more and more details and factors, although not in an intimidating way, but rather to keep me…”

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