Sales and Marketing Associate Interview Questions

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“Did I have good customer relation skills”

“Did I have good customer relation skills”

“What is the biggest strength a Sales/Marketing rep could have?”

“What is your biggest weakness.”

“What is your motivation for working with our company?”

“I had to give a random tour to the Regional Manager of the property for my last interview. It was not difficult, but very unexpected. Just a little weird having to open the door of the room and start…”

“Adventures you have made?”

“All they asked was about what I do at my current job and if selling office supplies would be something I would be interested in doing.”

“Mostly behavior questions, asking for examples of how you've handled situations. Seem hard at first but if you practice by googling "behavioral interview questions" you'll find yourself very…”

“Are you ok talking to complete strangers giving out products? Tell me about time you had a problem with a guest and how you deal with it? Are you willing to work outdoors in all types of weather…”

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