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“There were no difficult questions. Just the statements saying that they would not pay you that you had to just sell the product to make your money. If that's case just do real estate.”

“All of the questions were very standard”

“Are you willing to dedicate time to develop personal relationships within the company?”

“When could you start?”

“Explaining why I thought I would be a fit for this industry.”

“Tell us about a time you told a customer false information and had to go back and tell them you made a mistake.”

“How much did you make as an average over your past 3-5 years in real estate?”

“The question was mine: So are you saying that to be promoted I wouldn't be able to stay in the LA area I would have to move somewhere else in the US and I wouldn't know until that time?”

“Have you seen our products?”

“Tell me about a time when you were embarrassed in a sales situation and how you handled it.”

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