Sales and Service Manager Interview Questions

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“Do you have a problem managing others?”

“How would you be vauable to Wells Fargo? And why should we consider you for a position here at wells fargo?”

“"Sell me this pen."”

“Tell me about a time when you had to handle a conflicting situation.”

“Have you ever managed people before.”

“Only one question asked: "What defines you as a person"”

“No exceptionally difficult questions, just the typical ones...what will you bring, why hire you, etc.”

“There really are questions on that two page application about what kind of transportation the applicant has, and how reliable it is. Because I had thought the job was going to be in the office and…”

“The whole process was extremely easy and relaxed, no difficulty or unexpected questions.”

“Describe an experience you had with a client/account when you did not work well together, and what you did to improve your working relationship?”

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