Sales and Trading Interview Questions

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“How many ways can you arange five people at a round table, such that there they are in increasing age order (clockwise or anti-clockwise)?”

“How would you invest 100 million dollars”

“If 80% of Ford's sales is in Europe, what would happen to company's annual revenue if the exchange rate decline from 1.5 to 1.”

“Why Goldman?”

“What is R squared? (Statistics)”

“What's 46 times 45”

“I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I give you $1. If I roll a 2, I give you $2, and so on. Make me a market on this game, and explain why.”

“Why would you like to work at BAML, specifically sales and trading?”

“What experiences have you had that you feel will prepare you for this role?”

“How can you be accretive in driving revenues for the desk”

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