Sales and Trading Interview Questions

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“How many ways can you arange five people at a round table, such that there they are in increasing age order (clockwise or anti-clockwise)?”

“How would you invest 100 million dollars”

“If 80% of Ford's sales is in Europe, what would happen to company's annual revenue if the exchange rate decline from 1.5 to 1.”

“Why Goldman?”

“What is R squared? (Statistics)”

“What's 46 times 45”

“I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I give you $1. If I roll a 2, I give you $2, and so on. Make me a market on this game, and explain why.”

“Which would you choose to invest in...Ford or GM?”

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“How would you invest $1 million?”

“What services does this company offer?”

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