Sales Customer Service Interview Questions

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“Have you ever had a difficult call? What did you do?”

“How do you take a bottom performing team and turn them into a high performing team?”

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“What does Customer service mean to you?”

“There really weren't any difficult questions. The questions only seem difficult because you are in an interview and feel put on the spot. Example: what does good customer service mean to you?”

“Would you be able to lead a sales team.”

“There were no real questions asked other than "What are your thoughts on sales, sales training and working with charities".”

“How would you sell this jacket? (could be another piece of equipment, but usually a jacket because most people can relate to needing a jacket)”

“Read a one-sentence script.”

“Have you ever visited any UNIQLO stores?”

“They wanted you to answer the questions in a specific way or they would not record your response.”

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