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“It was the basic questions anyone would answer for a sales position. Why I would be good at sales, what about sales do I find most challenging, etc... The most difficult or surprising thing that I…”

“They didn't ask a lot of question just if you had customer service or prior call center experience”

“The positions were completely different from what was advertised.”

“why can't I pay monthy. You need to keep in mind, that the company is outlaying over $400 in equipment and is paying for shipping only if paid on an annual basis, if paid other than annual, the…”

“None really, it was more about me as a person than my experience, and or, abilities.”

“What do you think about your contributions to the company - where do they fit in?”

“Why do you see yourself as a salesman?”

“How would you handle a situation in which you have demands from a manager a coworker and a customer all at once?”

“What kind of person are you?
What motivates you?
The whole interview is forcedly kept away from the company and actual position as much as possible.
And the hours you'll be going door to door with…”

“What would you do if the customer said they needed to talk to their spouse first.”

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