Sales Director Interview Questions

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“-Can you sell?

Obviously, this is the core job function, and it's inside sales, so, if you genuinely cannot sell, it's not going to be for you.”

“Walk me through your team and how you manage”

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“Many of the questions were fairly standard. The most challenging thing is to reply with your own thoughts and insights when you can take the easy way out and answer "by the book".”

“Will I commit to make Eugene, OR my final residence during my working career? Am I willing to make this my last job until I retire?”

“Tell me about a time when you had to objectively consider somebody elses' idea even when it conflicted with your own.”

“Ask personal questions regarding my family.”

“in the presentation phase "What will this (bazaarvoice) cost me?"”

“What are the components of a truly successful sales candidate you look for and how can you tell if these components are genuine?”

“What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?”

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