Sales Executive Interview Questions

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“How many cold-calls per day are you used to making?”

“Questions were not too hard. They asked a lot of questions regarding my prior sales experiences and had to be able to convert everything into numbers.”

“How old are you? Very discrimminating Question”

“What kind of experience do you have managing large service providers like ATT and Sprint.”

“"If there was a movie made of you who would you want to play the lead role."”

“Do you have any questions for me?”

“what makes you a bad salesperson?”

“How do you feel you will handle the rejection and barriers placed in your way by prospective clients who do not feel that they are interested in our services?”

“Do you think you can think well on the spot? Tell me a funny story.”

“Wasn't so much an interview, more just listening to the Exec I met with complain about his team.”

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