Sales Executive Interview Questions

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“Where I searched myself in 10 years”

“Would you prefer outside sales or inside sales?”

“Are you married, or is that not currently a legal option for your lifestyle?”

“What are your politics?”

“The most difficult question was when I was asked if I wanted to try sales because I was "overqualified" as a receptionist. I wasn't sure how to respond to something that at the time seemed like a...”

“All the interview questions were behavioral based. All were challenging.”

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“Most difficult part was sitting through him trying to rationalize why they were not "technically a door to door sales company" I mean, if that's what you are then embrace it - dont try to hide...”

“Why do you think you can do this job?”

“Interviewer thought that I would not hunt when my resume was clear that I hunted..”

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“What do you bring to us? (Why should we hire you)”

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