Sales Executive Interview Questions

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“Prior and current experience , Do you feel comfort making 80-100 calls a day ?”

“"Lets pretend, for a moment we offered you the position today at a salary more than twice what you made last year. This is just pretend now... How would you continue to push yourself if money was no...”

“Why do you want to work in sales?”

“The business plan was intense however, I thought it was a worthwhile exercise considered it gave me talking points/something to present upon in follow-up interviews.”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Tell us about our solutions.”

“Many questions, what my expectations are from a boss, know your numbers, very big on numbers! your asp, average sales time frame, your current % to goal, your #s for last year, year before, i typed...”

“How good are you solving the customer complaints & Problems”

“how good are you in improve the sales and customer service ?”

“A sheet of paper with a written scenario is distributed for written responses from all candidates. You are asked what you would do in a hypothetical situation in which you must choose between an...”

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