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“Are you married, or is that not currently a legal option for your lifestyle?”

“The most difficult question was when I was asked if I wanted to try sales because I was "overqualified" as a receptionist. I wasn't sure how to respond to something that at the time seemed like a…”

“How would you describe a sales job?”

“What are your politics?”

“A time when I had to overcome multiple objections and still got the sale.”

“What achievement are you particularly proud of?”

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“Most difficult part was sitting through him trying to rationalize why they were not "technically a door to door sales company"

I mean, if that's what you are then embrace it - dont try to hide…”

“Why do you think you can do this job?”

“Why you want to do job in our company even though our group is very less known in the world.”

“Interviewer thought that I would not hunt when my resume was clear that I hunted..”

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