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“Would you rather be first in the office in sales and not have people in the office like you; or seventh in performance in the office but everyone is calling you after work wanting to hang out...”

“If you were an animal, what would you be?”

“The lack of questions were the most surprising aspect of this interview”

“Why do you want to work here?”

Sales at Mimecast

Feb 4, 2013


“What was your high school GPA?”

“I was asked "how they would be able to keep me"....salary wise, since I had such a strong skill set in sales management?”

“Sell me this tape dispenser.”

“Paper Company A sells 8x8 White Standard Copy for $9, Paper Company B sells the same product for $5. Why in the world would someone pay Paper company A $9 for a product they could get for $5?”

“What did you do to make a customer happy?”

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