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Aug 27, 2014

Interview Question for Territory Sales Representative at UniFirst:

“how to you feel about cold calling. 25 cold calls a day. How do feel about recording all your actions on a tablet PC for management to review. Why should we hire you. Why do you want to work at a…”

Aug 22, 2014

Interview Question for Account Manager at DealerFire:

“I was asked for a specific situation of how I handled a client complaint. Also, I was asked what the company does and what industry they are in.”

Aug 22, 2014

Interview Question for Solar Advisor at Complete Solar Solution:

“Wanted detailed information about my previous employer (who had gone bankrupt). This is kind of a weal spot on my resume.”

Aug 19, 2014

Interview Question for Sales Representative/Management Training at Coast:

“What is the most important thing you want in a company that employs you?”

Aug 19, 2014

Interview Question for Recruiter at Aerotek:

“Are you good with working long hours? 55 hours a week?”

Aug 18, 2014

Interview Question for Consultant at Lifestyle Lift:

“Typical sales questions about rapport building and where would you like your career to go. Also had to fill out a personality and problem solving questionnaire.”

Aug 14, 2014

Interview Question for Mortgage Banker at Quicken Loans:

“if you have marketing and pr experience why sales”

Aug 11, 2014

Interview Question for Business Development Coordinator at AirSage:

“- Create a 3 pronged/value-added approach to the position to demonstrate your ability to bring something to AirSage outside of the general job responsiblities.

 - What does AirSage do?”

May 29, 2014

Interview Question for Anonymous at Staples:

“Would you be willing to meet a sales quota?”

May 27, 2014

Interview Question for Account Manager at Marcaden Consulting:

“Would you be willing to work 11 am - 9 pm Monday through Friday and also 10 - 5 on Saturdays?”