Sales Interview Questions

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“Why sales? Why the beer industry?”

“If I was looking to buy a laptop for my daughter for college, which one would you sell me?”

“Name a time when you had to deal with rude people and how you dealt with it”

“Why do you think newspaper is the place for you?”

“I gave him the most difficult question after listening to him tell me that the sales people are responsible for sourcing their own leads and making 200 dials per day (yes 200). My question, "it is…”

Trainer at DCS

Jun 6, 2012

“how would you sell an iMac to a customer?”

“no difficult questions over the phone interview”

“How much do you know about wine?”

“"Please tell me a time when you were most successful with a sales goal that had been reached and what was the outcome"”

“They asked me what was one thing that I felt like I needed to improve on...”

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