Sales Leader Interview Questions

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“Describe a time you had to coach a team member for performance issues.”

“Difference between selling an independent community over an assisted living community. Also was asked questions about sales techniques and closing strategies.”

“A set of behavioral questions like 1. Give examples from the past how you overcame difficult relationships with annoyed customers 2. Sell yourself in a minute or less”

“After being in operations for such a long time, what challenges do you foresee having, and how will you tackle that challenge if any in this position of being a sales leader or sales manager so to...”

“I was asked if I had 2 employees, one was very likable and who tried very hard but didn't produce results, and the other was not so likeable but met and exceeded goals. Which one would you fire?”

“How would you deal with angry guest on sales floor or check out”

“Why did you leave IBM?”

“When a closing statement was made by a prospect what would i say next?”

“How do you feel about giving customers hand massages.”

“How would you handle terminating an employee for consistent late arrivals?”

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