Sales Manager Interview Questions

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“"What do/did your parents do for a living?'”

“Was accused of lying on my resume by one of the hiring managers. Totally without merit and a deeply insulting experience.”

“"Try and sell me something", Explain your selling process”

“If you do not get this position, what are your plans next?”

“Do you have an existing client base you can bring to MA LABS?”

“Really was not a question as much as an almost requirement to kiss up to his ego. Very much a small man thing. He needed very much to show that he was the smartest guy in the roon.”

“This was a new position that was created. I had total autonomy to develop the position and execute. I had an excellent reputation with the hiring manger so they knew my capabilities and that I…”

“My boss once asked me if "the customer is always right".”

“Do you have a problem managing others?”

“Explain an experience where you had to go against the majority. (something to that effect).”

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