Sales rep Interview Questions

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Sales at OMG National

Apr 27, 2012

“What have you learned recently that can directly impact our company?”

“What questions would you ask a prospective customer manager to prepare for a sales presentation that you need to give his group if you are selling them a 10x faster internet pipe.”

“Why do you think you will excel at this job. (This is difficult, because they don't really tell you what the job actually is.)”

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“if I knew anything about debt settlement or credit repair”

“how to you feel about cold calling. 25 cold calls a day. How do feel about recording all your actions on a tablet PC for management to review. Why should we hire you. Why do you want to work at a...”

“Give me your best elevator speech on "X" product.”

“Why do you think you will be successful in sales?”

“Sales is an intricate part of the job. How comfortable are you in sales.”

“Why sales? Why the beer industry?”

“Why do you want to work at Team TAG?”

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