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“what is ftp?”

“Standard's what they put you threw...the whole process is a mind game. Then they don't call you for weeks”

“Tell me about yourself. (caught me a little offguard as it was the first question asked).”

“What would you do during down time?”

“What motivates you.”

“Where do you see your self in 20 years?”

“Not sure. Lots of questions just about why I wanted to work there/personality questions/how do you see this fitting into your overall career goals?”

“The question wasn't difficult, but it was posed more than once, and it was "How comfortable are you with placing collection calls?"”

“what would you do if you have an appointment with your client on the phone at 12 o'clock, but your supervisor asks all the employees to attend a meeting at 12 as well?”

“None. I was asked one "yes/no" question. See above.”

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