Sales Support Specialist Interview Questions

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“There were no difficult questions in my interview. They just wanted to know what kind of experience would I have. Many questions were leading ones like "If there was some type of problem that...”

“How do you prioritize?”

“What is your dream job?”

“The question wasn't difficult, but it was posed more than once, and it was "How comfortable are you with placing collection calls?"”

“What are 2 examples of web browsers?”

“What is the shortcut for copy? How do you go from one column to the next”

“None. I was asked one "yes/no" question. See above.”

“What is the shortcut for paste? What is the shortcut for cut?”

“Tell me about a time when you had to work outside of your comfort zone.”

“Kept asking about our pricing and contracting processes and asked for names of clients for examples.”

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