Sales Team Leader Interview Questions

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“Describe a time you had to coach a team member for performance issues.”

“What was your favorite vacation?”

“Tell me about a time in which you disagreed with your supervisor. What was the situation, who was involved, and what was the outcome?”

“Will you uphold our core values, including Integrity, Accountability, etc.. And these are values you will NEVER see exampled by anyone in upper management!”

“No difficult questions, just need scenarios to fit and highlight your experience that transfers to a leadership position.”

“It was just a comment...dealing with my maturity (age, basically) wherein they simply (not
offensively) mentioned that this position was ideal for a person of a certain achieved "maturity".”

“Tell me about a time you encountered a difficult situation and how you handled it.”

“Tell me about a time you challenged someone higher than you and what was the outcome.”

“"Why should I hire an outside employee for a position I could promote from within?"”

“They hand you a planner and try to get you to do a sales pitch for an ad in the planner.”

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