Salesforce Developer Interview Questions

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“- Why are you expecting a good pay from Saveology ?”

“How would you import csv files into Salesforce from an external source that are kept on a FTP server?”

“How would you write a formula to determine X?”

“Explain in what capacities you were involved in designing the Salesforce Cloud”

“Given a case and asked to write a bulk trigger optimizing the code using data structure in Apex”

“Technical Question on writing SOQL and designing an more focus was on Database - complex join in SQL Server (any database you worked on) ask to fix the real-time bug in Apex and one or two question…”

“How long you have been using Salesforce”

“How you manage the to integrate legacy system to Sales Cloud”

“Explain the difficulties you came across and possible fix , how do you perform data cleaning in Salesforce”

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