SAP Analyst Interview Questions

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“Explain a situation where you handled difficult user”

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“What are your strengths and weakness”

“they go over your resume and they ask question about your skills, what was your role in previous job, challenging situations you faced and how you handled them, your weaknesses, why L3 communication…”

“name a time, when you noticed something, other have not.”

“The questions were not difficult for me or unexpected. What was unexpected was there were only 4 questions and I was being timed per question. On webcam interviews you cannot touch the screen for…”

“None really just your standard questions a few technical questions about past IT experience”

“Standard questions about SAP and my background.”

“If hired, would you really stay - you seem more qualified?”

“Most of the questions are based on your experience. Some of the questions were like
What is the most difficult situation you had and how did you handle it.
Explain a situation where you fixed an…”

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