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“Business case implementation in a nutshell, which was totally unexpected”

“why mars?”

“Are you sure you are not a Salesperson? Because you use so many acronyms like PMO, PPM, QMO, BOBJ, SAP CRM, SAP OTC, SAP P2P, BI IP, BPO, etc. Are you sure you are not a Salesperson????”

“Most difficult question for me was to provide an example where i must have demonstrated some outstanding activities.”

“There is guaranteed to be a "what is the most challenging/difficult/ambiguous/awful/hopeless project or task you've been involved in, and how did you handle the stress or potential or actual failure.”

“Why are you so motivated by enterprise resource planning implementation?”

“Typical "how you handle a difficult customer" questions - internal customers in this case.”

“It was a pretty technical question regarding VOFM pricing.”

“Can you write a leadership profile?”

“how do u ensure that abap and java transports are in sequence?”

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