SAT Tutor Interview Questions

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“Questions are simple and not hard to answer”

SAT Tutor at Kaplan

Jul 22, 2010

“what did you study in college”

“Not many difficult questions. They do ask "hypothetical situation" questions such as how you would interact with a disinterested student or what would you do if the classroom is locked.”

SAT Tutor at Kaplan

Jul 19, 2009

“I do not recall any tough or abstract questions. The hiring manager just wanted to get a feel for my skills and aspirations. Expect questions like, Why do you want to work in the field of education?”

“As a Tutor, how would you approach helping a frustrated student through a difficult Math concept the he/she cannot seem to understand despite ample study and practice?”

“There were no difficult questions; they just wanted to get to know you and your goals.”

“The only question was if I was a certified teacher in PA.”

“How would you tailor a particular lesson plan for a student who does not want to take the SAT”

“The live/online teaching presentation was tough for an inexperienced teacher. You'll get a subject to present and you'll be judged on how well you do it.”

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