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“Layout the fundamental objects to build a restaurant reservation system.”

“Are you available for any shift?”

“can you work weekends”

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“can you work nights”

“How many hours a week would you like to work?”

“Our project is behind schedule and we are having teamwork problems. How would you quickly get the project on track? (There was little additional information given about the team issues or the…”

“When are you available?”

“none, as long as you know about current sports topics and how to behave responsively and efficiently at work (good work ethics) then you're all set.”

“They have very competitive schedules, so it was hard to find a proper schedule that fit into my work day and still allowed me time to myself and for other pursuits. But I was able to find a schedule…”

Scheduler at ARB

Apr 3, 2014

“There were no trick questions or hidden agendas, ARB Inc is a straight forward company looking for trained and well experienced individuals.”

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