Scheduling Interview Questions

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“When a crew member asks you to drop a trip off their schedule and you don't have the reserve coverage how do you explain that to them without sounding cruel and unwilling to work with them”

“All softball questions as I was overqualified for the job and had no problem answering them.”

“Tell us why you would be the best candidate.”

“If you were to receive an award in five years, who would give it to you and what would it be for?”

“Tell us about a time when changes were out of your control and what you did to overcome it.”

“Tell us what intrigued you about working at American Airlines and what made you apply”

“Tell us about a time when you dealt with someone who was angry or upset and what you did to overcome it.”

“What do you think is involved in the crew scheduling position?”

“How I handle prioritizing job duty demands. How I eorked with physicians and staff. Accomplishments”

“Would you ever hang up on a member?”

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