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“Expectation that you can give clear examples of past decisions that make you a good behavioral fit with the organization. These examples are often asked in a question format about past decisions.”

“Where will I be in 5 years”

“Why didn't you go into more detail on the methods in your talk. Thats what we care about, not your obscure academic project.”

“Talk about some of the instruments you've use”

“Was asked to describe a time I had to ask for help on a project.”

Scientist I at Clorox

Jan 20, 2014

“hiring manager asked me if i had a question i would want him to ask me.”

“Most questions are technical based questions. They wanted to know what your research experiences are.”

“Experience with FDA/phrma related material (I was unskilled at the time in that area)?”

“Why I was not applying to another department with my background.”

Scientist I at FICO

May 6, 2010

“What to do with large database with missing values?”

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