Scientist II Interview Questions

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“There wasn't anything particular that stood out. Some of the technical questions about chemistry were completely irrelevant to the job and since I didn't think to study up on those, they were a bit…”

“What does integrity mean to you? How do you lead from the bench? What is your experience related to this position?”

“having to present research in from of group”

“What does integrity means to you?
How do you lead from the bench?
What was your previous experience that related to this position?”

“I was asked the normal questions why I wanted to work there so nothing to surprising.”

“They asked more situational based questions than technical questions.”

“What variables would you optimize in a large-scale bioprocess?”

“Why you want to join industry?”

“What is your salary expectation?”

“How did you deal with the situation when your Integrity is challenged.”

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