SCM Interview Questions

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“Are you willing to learn PeopleSoft? Do you believe that you can learn software in 6 months?”

“Preparing for the 20-minute PowerPoint presentation took quite a bit of thought, preparation and time. The interview team was engaged and appeared interested in what was being discussed. The four...”

“Describe a situation when you had to go behind your manager's back to do your job.”

“Mostly technical. They did not try to trip me up. They genuinely wanted to assess my skills and find a good candidate.”

“tell me about a difficult challenge you encountered and how you addressed it”

“Where do you list depemdencies in a Java project?”

“Write a sorting algorithm. No specifics were given as to the data, data types, data size, time complexity, etc.”

“Go over your resume. Tell me a time where you had to complete a job without enough information.”

“How the revisions of each file will be stored in the backend for different version control systems?”

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