Scrum Master Interview Questions

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“Detailed questions about Agile Scrum.”

“A problem solving riddle; it was a mix between a mathematical word problem and a riddle.”

“8 queens on an 8x8 chessboard: write an algorithm to place the queens such that no queen can capture another queen.”

“Tell me which job you are more interested in”

Scrum Master at SAIC

Mar 11, 2015

“None, it was a skills based interview”

“How would you explain story points to a team who's new to Agile/Scrum?”

“How do you think you will adapt to a smaller company”

“Have you ever tracked velocity? How would you determine a teams Sprint velocity?”

Scrum Master at Omgeo

Aug 10, 2013

“How would you handle altercations both between developers and your team and yourself regarding their obstinate reluctance to work with Scrum framework?”

Scrum Master at E2open

Sep 20, 2011

“Why use Scrum instead of waterfall?”

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