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“Name one thing that was wrong/you didn't like at your previous jobs, why, and how you would resolve it?”

“How many ping pong balls can fit in a 10x10x10 foot room?”

“Unexpected Question: What blogs do you read?”

“2 Brain Teasers, one open-ended, one more analytical. The first one was just a brick, asked what you could do with it. The second one involved two empty jugs and filling the jugs so that there was…”

“Describe the nature of your work in your previous organization.”

“Questions were easy. Evaluated your experience with internet search and knowledge of current events.”

“What is your understanding of how Google ranks websites?”

“Honestly, there weren't any "what are your strengths/weaknesses" kind of questions. I basically just chatted with the individual(s) interviewing me. It was very casual.”

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