Seasonal Merchandiser Interview Questions

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“What's one word that describes you?”

“Would you mind getting dirty?”

“Describe a time when you were given a job and it was not the job you had initially signed up for, how did you handle it?”

“As you know we sell many items here and some are special edition. Say a customer comes to you asking about a pen that we care but we ran out of that pen. What do you do?”

“Explain to me a time where you had to switch tasks in a quick manner.”

“Our company is based on integrity. Name a time where you were put in a situation where you saw a friend, coworker, boss or stranger doing something wrong and you confronted them and what did they do…”

“If you saw an employee doing something wrong, what would you do?”

“They gave you scenarios and you had to answer what you would do if that happened at your store.”

“Explain a time that you had to work in a group and someone in the group wasn't doing their part, what did you do about it?”

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