Seasonal Part Time Interview Questions

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“Why did you have a gap in your employment record?”

“She actually asked me this particular question twice but phrased it differently the second time.

First time: Let's say that one of your assignments with a client lasted much longer than you…”

“What is your phone number?”

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“What would you do if you seen someone stealing money?”

“How do you feel about applying products to customer's hands or face?”

“Explain a time when you had to convince someone to do something that they didn't want to do”

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“Put these situation in order: Which has more prirority?
-There is a guest in front of you that needs help reaching for an item.
-The front register calls you for help on the walkie talkie…”

“Why do you want to work for lowe's”

“How would you describe the Ann Taylor brand?”

“Name a time that a situation at work was solved because of team work?”

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