Secretarial Interview Questions

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“so many behavioral questions.. each interview had about 5-15 questions a piece”

“Will you stay for at least a year?”

“describe a time when you could not finish a task given to you and how did you handle this?”

“The were about 5 unexpected questions I had. I do not remember exactly what it was but it went something like "what is the title 00A1 regulation for DD23?" something really technical like that o_O…”

“why would you leave your job for this one?”

“How did handle a difficult situation with a customer in the past.”

“The usual questions that you expect in regards to what you do, how would you handle a certain situation.”

“Did you ever get swamped with work and how did I manage.”

“Going to work for a Church is very different from the secular world so be prepared for a lot of personal life style etc... quesitons.”

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