Securities Analyst Interview Questions

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“How to configure a network router from the CLI?”

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“what do you know about the company and why do you want to work w/ us?”

“What are some skills that you're not good at?”

“How well do you know the OSI model and its protocols? Give examples of your experience working with OSI.”

“Give an example of a time when your team was against your recommendation and how did you convince them later on?”

“Tell me what you know about Rook? This also included what I knew about the person I'd be working for, and the positive and negative.”

“Diagram a standard security assessment process.”

“What are the 7 layers of the OSI model.”

“In this position, they are looking for book smarts and not for security experts. They do not care if you have IT security experience. They are looking for a person that knows the terms "Due…”

“Was questioned about Telework?”

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