Security Analyst Interview Questions

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“You have gained access to a Web server with a SQL backend. What SQL command could be used to gain access to the SQL database's underlying Operating System?”

“There was not a difficult question. The process was straight forward.”

“How do u handle a difficult management issue?”

“What is your weakest point?”

“Nothing really, just behavioral questions. Really just study the company.”

“Are you familiar with the Dodd-Frank legislation?”

“I will name a port number an you name the corresponding service/protocol”

“Most programmers and security personnel leave a back door or something open for future. If you had to choose one company or job that "if you suddenly turned evil" you would go back to and use that…”

“I was asked how I would hack into the network using the phone that was on the desk.”

“How to configure a network router from the CLI?”

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