Security Analyst Interview Questions

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“This was my first interview so for me it was unexpected when I was asked what direction I hope to go over the next 5-10 years. Being an entry level position there were no difficult or technical…”

“What are your weakness and strengths?”

“Why would du and df show different free space on a filesystem?”

“Pitch a stock”

“Aside from the basic knowledge questions and questions regarding your resume. They ask a multitude of technical questions to gauge your overall knowledge base and see where you stack up within the…”

“Do you think we are a legitimate company?”

“Why you are interested to work in security operation Center?”

“Explain major computer security vulnerabilities. Scenario questions may apply. There is an outbreak in the network and you are the only support analyst in the shift, what would be the first thing…”

“What is a open redirect?”

“Why did I want to leave my current job? did my current manager know that I was looking to leave?”

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