Security Consultant Interview Questions

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“how would you design a wireless network including wireless security for this office building?”

“RHT will ask you for some specific citation on how you have facilitated return on investment through your work. The day of my interview I was emailed a form with two questions: Please provide...”

“Specific resume' questions.”

“This is a small company with a strong interest in State business. The toughest questions will be about your knowledge of State business and your knowledge of NYSTEC itself. It's all publicly...”

“Can you work our crazy hours and learn?”

“Basic OWASP Top 10. Read the questions above.”

“Why should we hire you?”

“What does the company do as a business?”

“Describe something that you have done recently that didn't go well. What was your reaction to the situation?”

“Do you have any probably working nights and weekends?”

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