Security Engineer Interview Questions

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“During the technical interview, the second interview asked, "How would you configure trace route in a cisco firewall for a group of windows users?" I repeated the question to make sure I heard it...”

“Write a function that can determine if an input number is a power of 2.”

“How many bits do you need for a subnet size.”

“Nothing as such, it was very straightforward”

“Why are you considering M&S”

“what is volatile, static ? how would it affect if the static keyword used for big array inside a function? what are sections of memory and what kind of variable is stored where?”

“Why did you leave your previous employer?”

“Whether I was willing to help the company find additional work, despite not having specific Project Management experience.”

“Why are you really leaving your present employer?”

“They will ask about your willingness to work. what this means is are you willing to work unpaid overtime, nights, weekends, and any time something goes wrong without compensation.”

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