Security Services interview questions

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“Describe a situation when I felt threatened in the workplace? And how did you handle it?”

R&D Intern at TASER

Jun 26, 2012

“You are an employer and you need to pay your employees with gold. Each piece of gold is worth 7 units and you must pay your employee one unit every day. You can only cut each piece of gold once. How...”

“What would you do if you caught an officer sleeping on the job.”

“Are you planning to be with use for a long term?”

“Really the most unexpected question would probably be what does Security mean to you. Which isn't really unexpected.”

“My beliefs about politics and the war of religions. If my religion would stop me from performing the job.”

“What is ohms law?”

“What shifts would you be able to work?”

“Are you prepared to utilize medical training to attempt to save someones life?”

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