Security Specialist Interview Questions

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“Basically, they asked me about my personality, since my educational background spoke for my intelligence. They want more extroverted people who are able to effectively communicate to other people and...”

“Standard stuff like: name a time when you made a mistake, and how you dealt with said mistake.”

“Why do you want to work in this department?”

“Can you walk or stand for long periods of time”

“scenario: you have a meeting in 5 minuts with a client. The client needs a secure data transfer and online meeting capability that can add or exclude attendees depending on their need to know levels....”

“There were no particularly difficult questions asked. That was part of the problem, I approached it as IT INFOSEC position, but it seemed like they wanted more of a salesman than an INFOSEC...”

“What do you know about our agency and its mission and goals?”

“I was asked to explain the difference between Insufficient Authentication and Insufficient Authorization. In the process, I managed to confuse the person asking the question by giving obscure...”

“Tell me about a time when you had to go against your better judgment.”

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