Seismic Imager Interview Questions

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“how many 1s are there from 1-100”

Seismic Imager at CGG

May 1, 2012

“What is the most important thing you look for in a job?”

Seismic Imager at CGG

Jan 16, 2014

“1-10000, integers with "7".”

“some physics question : a man was going up and down on the stairs, asking how long it will take or stag like that”

Seismic Imager at CGG

Jul 6, 2011

“Four digit number, when placed in reversed order, is four times of the original. What is it?”

Seismic Imager at CGG

Jul 17, 2012

“what is area of a hexagon?”


“Why have you taken subjects outside this field?”

“Not really difficult but at the time I was asked I looked like the biggest idiot: There are N boxes and N keys. Each key opens exactly one box. Suppose we lock each key inside a random box. We pick a…”

“The interviewer showed me a geometric shape and asked me to divide it into 4 parts of same area.”

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