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Cafe Seller at Borders

Jul 19, 2011

“What was the latest book I have read!”

“Why do you want to work here [at the Kemah Boardwalk].”

“Not unexpected, but what is my greatest weakness. An expected question that I have trouble with sometimes.”

“Give me a sales pitch for our membership card.”

“Tell us how you solved a difficult problem”

“How do you handle a difficult customer? What do you do when a customer said "no" to the membership offer?”

“What things do you not want to do in your job.”

“Explain Paypal's business model”

“I guess the most "difficult" question I was asked was one asking what I would do if someone approached me and didn't know what they were looking for. What made it difficult was simply the fact that I…”

Seller at Nordstrom

Jun 9, 2013

“what is the most important element to reach comapny goals?”

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