Seller Interview Questions

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“"How do you deal with difficult people?"”

“What's your favorite book?”

“Have you ever done a special favor for a customer that was outside store policy? Why did you make this exception?”

“Are you okay with staying in just one department?”

“How did you resolve the last disagreement you had with a co-worker or friend?
If you were a customer here and had a complaint, how would you go about resolving the issue?”

“How would you approach a customer?”

“How would you make your co-workers feel welcome on your first day?
(I thought this was the most ridiculous question because it was backwards. THEY should make newcomers feel welcome on their first…”

“Discuss a time you missed a deadline and why?”

“if your father do some kind of business then why don't he let you to go other state alone?”

“How have you been able to handle a difficult customer in your previous experience?”

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