Selling Interview Questions

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“Pretend like you are waiting on me as a customer.”

“You have to get at least 2 credit card signs ups a week, how are you going to get customers to sign up?”

“I want to test your selling skills. Something easy. Here: *hands pack of glue sticks*”

“One of the hardest for most is that they will ask you demonstrate your selling skills on the will need to be confident show your personality!”

“Sell me this conference table.”

“Whats your favorite product”

Bather at PetSmart

Sep 12, 2012

“I'm going to get a product off the shelves, look it over then try and sell it to me. (She chose randomly, so it wont be the same product every time).”

“Why should I hire you?”

“Tell me why you are the best possible choice for this position?”

“Why should we hire you?”

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