Selling Interview Questions

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“Why should we hire you?”

“You receive a document with information about a client looking for insurance. Then you receive infomation about the plan that you are supposed to push. You give a presentation for 4 minutes to all…”

“None of the questions were difficult at all. Just general interview questions. He was concerned if I knew how to use the internet and computer.”

“Why Massage Envy? Or, Why did you choose us?”

“What are the bestselling books and DVD's right now?”

“How you convence the customer that he could buy a clothe on a regular price”

“The pen selling exercise (see my comments)”

“Can I have your professional references right away?”

“They only ask me one question. Tell me about yourself? Seriously can't come up with something more smart than that.”

“Define Success? The question was not difficult; just very thought provoking.”

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