Senior Account Executive Interview Questions

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“Tell me about yourself.”

“Give me an example of when you turned a bad experience into a positive experience for a customer”

“Give me an example of a time you showed leadership in a decision and what was the result.”

“Why are your looking for a new job?”

“How will you be successful here?”

“An example of something they asked on the quiz was: "What CTA would you put on a social media campaign to get someone to sign up for an event? "”

“Are you a hunter or a farmer?”

“The breadth of products we sell can be intimidating. You may be asked how to sell a certain product.”

“You must provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated your skills and traits. Inconsistencies will be caught and prevent you from moving forward. You may be challenged during the...”

“(Role Play) Sell me (insert your what ever you were selling before you came here)?”

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