Senior Account Manager Interview Questions

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“Why are you looking for the change.”

“What was your role in developing strategies for your clients?”

“If I was building a bridge, what would I do, and who would I hire”

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“What do you like about your current job?”

“What type of personality do I work best with?”

“Can you work from a cube after being an outside salesperson”

“No chit chat, All business! Ask how my products fit into the amazon cloud then started with hypothetical questions mainly about security and ddos attacks. Waiting to hear back, if they move forward...”

“Knowing that the specific position being offered was at a client site, the question was asked "where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years, and what was I going to do to get there.”

“Tell me about your sales background.”

“Wanted to know if I was a team player (more so for the trade show schedule which involved extensive set-up and take down time)”

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